Truth or Lies Series 

Taken by Lies (Book #1)

At 16 I was taken.

Kidnapped by a boy I thought I could love.

Then he sold me as if I were property.

For three years I endured.




I never broke.

I was strong, determined, resilient.

But then one day it happened…I broke.

Setting me free.

I should have run away, found a new life, and started over.

Instead, I returned.

To find the man who sold me.

Betrayed by Truths (Book #2)

I lost a bet; now I'm his. His to own. His to claim. Nothing but property. But I'm only beginning to understand the truth. I can choose my own fate. And claim a future I never thought was possible. I just can't let Enzo lie to me anymore. I have to find the truth. Even if it kills me.

Trapped by LIes (Book #3)

My life is nothing but lies. And turns out, Enzo wasn’t the only one who lied to me. I don’t know who to trust anymore. But my future relies on determining the truth from the lies. I’ve tried to escape. But somehow I’m more trapped than ever. And I’m more his than I ever thought possible.

Stolen by Truths (Book #4)

I was taken by Enzo. My heart and soul became his. It doesn’t stop me from fighting for what’s mine. Or from trying to be free. But I never thought that with him, I would find my home. Until I was stolen…

Possessed by LIes (Book #5)

I fought my way back, and now I’m possessed. I’ve healed the wounds that kept me trapped. I’m done fighting it. I’m hers. Completely. I just don’t know if she feels the same. What if the empire we’ve been building crumbles along with our love?

Consumed by truths(Book #6)

Enzo is my heart. My soul. My breath. I never thought I could be so dark. Never knew love meant losing myself and getting reborn. The lies and truths have finally caught up with us. We may have stolen an empire, but we aren’t ready to give it up. It’s ours. He’s mine. And our love will find a way to the truth.