Truth or Lies Series 

Lured by Lies (Book #0.5)

I'm heir to an empire, all I have to do is pass one final test.

Assassinate my target.


I have no problem killing to survive.

No problem brining my enemies to their judgment day.

But then, I see her.

She can't be my mark.

She's definitely not my enemy.

This has to be a mistake.

Because all I want is to make her mine, screw the consequences.

And the consequences are severe...

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Taken by Lies (Book #1)

At 16 I was taken.

Kidnapped by a boy I thought I could love.

Then he sold me as if I were property.

For three years I endured.




I never broke.

I was strong, determined, resilient.

But then one day it happened…I broke.

Setting me free.

I should have run away, found a new life, and started over.

Instead, I returned.

To find the man who sold me.

Betrayed by Truths (Book #2)

I lost a bet; now I'm his. His to own. His to claim. Nothing but property. But I'm only beginning to understand the truth. I can choose my own fate. And claim a future I never thought was possible. I just can't let Enzo lie to me anymore. I have to find the truth. Even if it kills me.

Trapped by LIes (Book #3)

My life is nothing but lies. And turns out, Enzo wasn’t the only one who lied to me. I don’t know who to trust anymore. But my future relies on determining the truth from the lies. I’ve tried to escape. But somehow I’m more trapped than ever. And I’m more his than I ever thought possible.

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Stolen by Truths (Book #4)

This book continues Enzo & Kai’s story.

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Possessed by LIes (Book #5)

This book continues Enzo & Kai’s story.

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Consumed by truths(Book #6)

This book concludes Enzo & Kai’s story.

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